banana1.0 medium (7" to 7-7/8" long)
blueberries0.5 cup42.
apple1.0 medium (3" dia)
whole-wheat bread1.0 slice80.
brown rice0.5 cup109.
oatmeal1.0 cup166.
sweet potatoes1.0 medium114.
quinoa0.5 cup111.
greek yogurt6.0 oz100.
chicken breast1.0 breast198.
turkey breast3.0 oz124.
lean beef3.0 oz195.
broccoli1.0 spear (about 5" long)
spinach1.0 cup41.
lettuce2.0 cups shredded15.
tomatoes1.0 medium whole (2-3/5" dia)
avocado0.5 fruit, without skin and seed113.
salmon0.5 fillet233.
green tea1.0 cup2.
skim milk1.0 cup83.
tuna3.0 oz110.
potatoes1.0 potato medium160.
egg white1.0 large17.
black beans1.0 cup227.
kidney beans1.0 cup224.
corn1.0 ear medium98.
cottage cheese0.5 cup106.
beef tenderloin3.0 oz275.
egg1.0 large71.
mozzarella1.0 oz85.
whole-wheat pasta0.5 cup119.
almonds1.0 oz (23 kernels)
tofu0.2 block75.
olive oil1.0 tablespoon119.
whole-grain bread1.0 slice109.
lentils1.0 cup (boiled)
chickpeas1.0 tbsp46.
mixed nuts1.0 oz172.
whey protein1.0 scoop100.
low-fat chocolate milk8.0 fl oz180.
peanut butter2.0 tbsp188.